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The great outdoors

There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned walk. The type of activity that might be suggested on Christmas Day, when everything is shut and there are no other options. Layers of clothes that you wouldn’t wear on the high street. Stuffing your feet into wellies and accepting blisters in favour of warm, dry toes. Kids groaning and dragging their feet because they’d rather be in front of the TV; adults trying to shift hangovers by gulping fresh air (and dragging their feet). But my favourite part about walking with friends and family is the chat. If you know the people you’re walking with well enough that silence isn’t considered awkward, you get around to talking about all the interesting stuff. Patterns in the clouds. Idle week-day-dreams that won’t be contained. Politics rears its head, and it is blissfully ignored; it doesn't matter out here. There’s nothing I love more than a sky that touches only treetops. It drips at the edges of my vision into