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Searching for relatives

I’m in Nottingham visiting a friend and searching for a relative. I’m crossing paths of modern day me with my family roots, as my mum grew up here and her parents were both from Nottingham.

My nan passed away in February this year after a long battle with dementia. She can’t have seen her sister, my Great Aunt for over a decade. I haven’t seen her since before my teenage years, so despite being a little apprehensive about what we would talk about I decided that I’ve had enough of waiting for the right moment. Sometimes I think we never feel truly ready for anything.

I remember her from when I was little, soft perfume and short curly hair, warm knit cardigans and calling me and my brother “ducky”. She would come down for Christmas and we’d sit around the dining table eating lunch together. She probably smiled her way through a lot of my made up stories, the latest adventures of Pecan and her twin sister Almond (grizzly bear Beanie Babys, if you’re wondering. I had so many of them. Pretty sure they’re still getting into trouble in the attic at my mum’s house).

It’s a strange thing to seek someone out again after so long. For no reason other than time has passed, life has got in the way and I’ve grown up. While I’m on this journey of discovery, maybe this was exactly the right time to reconnect.

Who are you afraid to reach out to?


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