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Conversations in coffee shops with strangers #1

I try to meet up with my parents on a Saturday morning and go for coffee with them. When I was younger I had a very complicated relationship with them (don’t most teenagers?) but as I’ve matured I’m beginning to understand how important it is to get to know them as people following their own paths.

My parents separated when I was 13, but didn’t divorce until I was 21. That’s a story for another time.

This morning I met up with my dad to go for coffee. I’m pretty much always late, as I have to get two buses to get to him (here’s to you, Southampton buses, for providing no easy route between Shirley and Portswood. Thanks for that) and he always arrives 10 minutes early. We usually go looking around charity shops together, but I hadn’t seen him in almost a month so instead we just sat and talked over coffee.

We chatted about work, mainly, and then he asked how my therapy sessions were going. He also asked how I was coping with my nan’s death and I spoke honestly about how…